Sealed Air just wrapped up yet another successful Global Food Safety Conference in Berlin which welcomed food safety professionals from more than 60 countries and provided an opportunity for manufacturers, government bodies, academics and service providers to spend 3 productive days together sharing ideas and discussing hot button topics related to food safety and risk management.

Technology and how it’s reshaping the future of food service, food retail and therefore food safety systems was one of those topics. It was clear from the enthusiasm and interest of the participants that many are looking to technological innovations to turbo-charge food safety.

Modern digital technologies have a lot to offer to the food safety community. Even a simple transfer of paper-based manual CCP monitoring to the digital checklists can reduce and eliminate stacks of paper, exponentially increase operational transparency and improve food safety culture. Furthermore, in the global environment with hundreds of employees working in the multiple shifts across the globe, digital food safety systems can help improve regulatory compliance and maintain high internal brand standards.

Let’s examine the benefits of a digital food safety platform such as the new IntelliConsult, which Sealed Air Diversey Care division has launched at the GFSI 2016 conference:

Checklists and CCP monitoring - digital and mobile –supported checklists offer the ability to perform tasks faster, while at the same time creating important time-stamped digital records vital for demonstrating regulatory compliance and maintaining operational transparency

Paperless, continuous digital temperature monitoring- continuously record onsite and in transit temperatures of high risk foods and send out alerts in case of non- compliance. This enables pro-active risk approach to the temperature management and monitoring, saving money and time and improving accountability in the entire supply chain.

Improving food safety culture - the beauty of the digital technology is its capacity to seamlessly pair tasks with complementary information. Empowering staff with knowledge is an important step in increasing food safety culture through understanding why cleaning and sanitation is essential. On-the-job training is an excellent illustration- Diversey Care’s IntelliConsult offers video and interactive online training embedded in the HACCP checklists so that employees can brush up on information as they perform their daily tasks. The e-learning apps need to be user friendly and deliver the same user experience as other consumer apps to meet the expectations of the restaurant or a store staff.

Global internal and external standard consistency: digital technologies offer endless possibilities to make your global teams aware of the global standards and best practices. By creating standardized forms and policies in multiple languages your organization can achieve better awareness and higher customer satisfaction

Pro-active reporting: anyone who received an overwhelming spreadsheet with hundreds of data points can relate to the importance of easy to read and act on reports. Most QA managers simply don’t have the time to do the complicated data analysis- they wish to know what is happening in their organizations now and have 24/7 access to an updated information. New digital food safety systems can make this wish a reality.

Dashboard style reporting that is based on risk based approach to Food Safety and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that are operation- critical enable managers to take proactive approach to managing their operations. IntelliConsult captures and stores data in a structured format, making it easy to search and analyze. Why waste hours at the end of every week or month sifting through binders full of paper, when software lets you generate insights with the click of a button?

Traceability is an important element of food safety compliance in many countries. Moreover, trends show that consumers now expect full sourcing transparency when it comes to foods they consume in the restaurant or purchase at the store. IntelliConsult’s unique Traceability feature allows food retailers and restaurateurs to scan, record and even assemble and sell foods based on their expiration date, record their origin data, keep track of freshness and minimize losses associated with food waste.

Sealed Air and its food safety consulting group Diversey Consulting has over 16 years of experience implementing and supporting food safety management systems for our customers- this experience demonstrates that food safety technology, especially mobile software, should be a critical part of any modern food company’s operations. The new Intelliconsult system is designed to provide an unparalleled food safety enhancements to the food manufacturers, retailers and food service operators worldwide.

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