Food safety is, for good reason, the number one concern for food and beverage manufacturers, and therefore Tetra Pak’s number one priority. The Global Food Safety Conference is an important annual event for Tetra Pak, bringing together leaders in the industry, academia and regulation to discuss topics on securing safer food production worldwide.

As you see new business models emerging and the consolidation of globalisation developing, the landscape for manufacturers to keep their food safe is becoming increasingly complex. At GFSC this year, we enjoyed speaking to our customers and hearing about their main business concerns for further insights into how we can help work with them to mitigate against risks involving food safety.

A key theme that was prominent at the event, and indeed a topic that we showcased, is the digitalisation of management processes and services to help food and beverage manufactures manage food safety risks. The term digitalisation is broad, and has fast become an industry ‘buzzword’, but we’re now seeing it mature into real, usable solutions for food and beverage manufacturers to navigate complexities, mitigate against food safety risks and help drive their businesses forward.

Digitalisation is helping manufacturers manage these risks more effectively with a range of tools aimed at improving communications between employees and support teams, and improving access to data and analytics. This means that if food safety issues arise they can be resolved quickly and effectively without impacting production performance.

At Tetra Pak, we expect this trend to play an increasingly important role in protecting manufacturers from errors which could jeopardise food safety and, ultimately, the relationship with the end consumer. GFSC was an informative event, helping us to leverage further insights to help us develop and introduce new solutions that support our customers in their day to day management of food safety.

Johan Nilsson, Vice President Technical Service & Quality, Tetra Pak, and Alex Bromage, Food Safety & Quality Services Business Manager, Tetra Pak, discussed food safety and quality in a Facebook Live discussion at the conference, on Thursday 2nd March. Watch the video on Tetra Pak’s Facebook page.

This post was written and contributed by:

Alex Bromage
Food Safety & Quality Services Business Manager, Tetra Pak


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