We at greenfence are honored to sponsor the first edition of the ‘GFSI Global Markets Programme Award’ that will be presented at the food safety conference in Houston next week. As you might have read in earlier blogs and announcements, GFSI will for the first time in its history present an award to companies or individuals that have raised the bar on food safety and we are delighted to be part of this important happening.

As former GFSI board member representing Danone, I fully support the choice of the GFSI board to dedicate their very first award to companies or individuals who have leveraged the GFSI Global Markets Programme from beginning to end, resulting in full certification of their company or operations against a GFSI benchmarked food safety management scheme. This new award acknowledges the role of the Global Markets Programme to achieve GFSI’s mission to provide continuous improvement in food safety management systems that ensures confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide. Since it was launched, the Global Markets Programme has been adopted by smaller and developing companies around the world as an entry level food safety solution.

In my current role and partner in greenfence, I applaud the initiative of the board to recognize with their first award the smaller players more upstream in the food supply chain in their efforts to become trusted trading partners for the larger food manufacturers and retailers.

This aligns with the mission of greenfence to provide the food industry a trusted, effective way throughout the global supply chain to identify authenticated customers and suppliers of products and services. Free to join, every user, business, product or service can be authenticated or qualified by independent service providers, thereby establishing transparency and trust between customers and suppliers.

With our shared goals and objectives with GFSI, greenfence proudly supports the achievements of the 2017 Global Markets Programme Award winners with travel to and attendance at the 2017 Global Food Safety Conference in Houston.

The award will be presented to the winners by Mike Robach, Chair of GFSI, and Mitch Chait, CEO of greenfence, at 15.15 pm on Wednesday March 1st, 2017 at the end of the second plenary session on ‘Collaboration – Driving Food Safety Systems for Growth’.

I hope to see all of you there to celebrate the winners of GFSI’s first and 2017 Global Markets Programme Award.

This post was written and contributed by:

Petra Wissenburg,


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