Trust – It’s critical to our success as a global food products manufacturer. One of the expectations of that trust from our customers and consumers is that our products are safe to eat. We’ve translated this expectation at Mondelēz International to mean implementation of globally consistent food safety programs that not only meet – but also exceed -- regulatory requirements. No matter where in the world our consumers live, we want them to consume our products with the knowledge that every day we’re providing a safe and delicious product for their enjoyment.

In order to build that trust in our supply chain, we have leveraged the GFSI third-party benchmarked certifications to enhance and supplement our own food safety programs. We believe that a GFSI-benchmarked certification provides the assurance to our stakeholders that our manufacturing facilities and suppliers adhere to internationally recognized food safety standards. As part of our commitment to GFSI, we’ve requested of our raw material suppliers that they have GFSI-benchmarked certification by the end of 2017. I’m happy to say that as of December 2015, 92% of our raw material suppliers and 84% of our contract manufacturers had a GFSI-benchmarked certification. In addition, 100% of our internal manufacturing facilities are certified against the FSSC22000 benchmarked standard.

Not only does the "GFSI standard" provide us with an additional level of food safety assurance, it also provides us with an opportunity to collaborate with the industry on raising food safety standards around the world. Our Chairman and CEO, Irene Rosenfeld, is the co-chair of the Safety Pillar for The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) under which GFSI operates, and she provides key guidance and support to the GFSI board. We also leverage the Global Markets Program to assist in developing small and medium suppliers in the markets where we operate so that we can achieve our goal of 100% of our suppliers having a benchmarked certification.

As you can see, Mondelēz International is committed to the success of GFSI and its continued growth in the industry. We believe that food safety is non-competitive and that one food safety problem can impact every company in the food chain. GFSI will continue to be a strong partner in our path to drive food safety globally. 

This post was written and contributed by:

Peter Begg

Senior Director Global Quality, Mondelēz International
Member of the GFSI Board of Directors

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