I recently caught up with outgoing Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Board Chairman Cenk Gurol to get his thoughts on his time chairing the GFSI. Cenk headed up our food safety work for two important years and was instrumental in helping expand our reach and grow our successes during his time as Chairman.
Now, without further ado, here’s the man himself. Cenk, over to you! 

1. What did you enjoy most about your term as GFSI Board Chairman?Cenk Gurol, Outgoing GFSI Chairman
I enjoyed working alongside my colleagues, sharing our common values regarding food safety and seeing that these values were the same wherever I went around the globe.
2. What do you feel has been GFSI's biggest achievement?
Our biggest achievement is, as a group, being able to go further in the field to become the global leader in implementing a science-based platform to achieve food safety in the food chain. This is something no single company, government or region can achieve on their own, no matter how advanced or powerful they are.
3. Did your role with GFSI have a positive impact on your company?
Yes, when I started being a part of the GFSI Board, my company had single digit coverage for GFSI recognised certification. Now it is 10 times that and growing. GFSI not only changed the way Aeon thinks about food safety in our food chain, but we even made a big difference in the Japanese, Malaysian and Chinese markets. Our approach to food safety has become even more granular and complete.
4. What do you want to see GFSI do next?Cenk Gurol, Outgoing GFSI Chairman Quote
I want GFSI to expand to markets where it is needed most and I want GFSI to measure the tangible improvements to food safety globally and locally. After all, we are making a positive difference and we should keep on being proud of what we are doing.
5. Do you have a favourite moment?
I am a great fan of the Global Food Safety Conferences that keep on getting bigger, better and bolder. Off-course the official cocktails and dinners are always a lot of fun too!
All of us here at the GFSI would like to thank Cenk for his continued commitment and long-standing support of the GFSI, and we wish him the best going forward. And, I’d very much like to welcome Mike Robach, Vice President, Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Affairs at Cargill. Mike is taking over the reigns from Cenk as Chairman of the GFSI Board, and we wish him the very best. 
We are all looking forward to the next chapter of GFSI successes, and we hope all of you will join us on our journey to safe food for consumers everywhere. 

Lisa Prevert, GFSI CommunicationsThis post was written and contributed by:

Lisa Prévert
GFSI & GSCP Communications Officer
The Consumer Goods Forum


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