GFSI launches a new Technical Working Group (TWG) focused on Food Safety Culture. 

The complexity of the food supply chain is at an all-time high. Today’s consumers expect to find food from every corner of the globe available to them faster, cheaper and safer. 

Heightened expectations come with heightened risks, and the food industry is investing more and more into food safety systems to ensure risk management at all levels of the food production, processing and distributions chains.
Companies working with the Global Food Safety Initiative are focusing on moving from reaction to prevention and collaborating to implement international best-practice, all the while raising the bar together.

Beyond Traditional Approaches

Meeting the ever-evolving challenges of safely feeding the planet requires going above and beyond traditional compliance approaches. Having the right standards in place, with the right management systems and the right auditing regimes is only the first step. Without a strong food safety culture, the best requirements and systems cannot succeed.

Many organisations are facing the challenge of qualifying and consistently strengthening a company’s food safety culture. In fact, there is still limited agreement on what food safety culture is and it is imperative to gain common understanding of what dimensions describe and influence food safety culture in order to better ensure public health.

Stepping up to the Challenge

In its role of driving positive change and business efficiency within the food industry, the CGF’s Global Food Safety Initiative is stepping up to this new challenge, launching a new technical working group (TWG) with a vision to drive improvement in organisational food safety culture.

The first order of business for this TWG? Creating a common, accepted understanding of food safety culture, driving harmonisation and convergence at a global level. The group will look at various theoretical and practical components, explore areas of commonality and develop practical tools for GFSI stakeholders to better understand and strengthen food safety cultures.

The Collaboration behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered how GFSI mandates are defined or how its priorities are decided on each year? One of the things that makes GFSI unique is that it engages in a two-way dialogue with the industry.
GFSI opens up the discussion to players from the food industry and beyond, who contribute immensely to putting top of mind issues on the table.

The experts who dedicate their time and expertise to these work streams do so on a volunteer basis, both independently throughout the year, and collaboratively during the face-to-face GFSI Technical Working Group meetings.

To ensure the entire industry spectrum is taken into account in a neutral way, the groups are composed of a wide variety of representatives including retail, manufacturing and food service representatives, as well as international organizations, governments, academia and service providers to the global food industry.

The work of GFSI would not have moved forward in the way that it has over the years without the dedication of GFSI Technical Working Group experts and the support of the companies they represent. Read more about GFSI Technical Working Groups

“At GFSI, we believe that food safety is a shared responsibility. With the food supply chain growing more and more complex, no one can do it alone. We are thrilled to bring together the entire industry spectrum - manufacturers, retailers and service providers but also international organisations, academia and government representatives – to collaborate on key food safety issues. Above all, the Technical Working Groups are a fantastic example of collaboration.” – Véronique Discours-Buhot, Director, Global Food Safety Initiative, The Consumer Goods Forum

We are pleased with the results of the Call for Participation and looking forward to the first meeting of this TWG following the Global Food Safety Conference 2016

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