New GFSI Board composition led by Mike Robach reflects evolving industry needs

To address new industry challenges, GFSI is making a change in the composition of its Board of Directors, bringing in new leading actors from various industry players including food service, e-retail, traditional retail, primary production and manufacturing.

The GFSI has relentlessly focused on addressing the key industry challenges in the past 15 years, and continually evolves along with a changing food industry landscape - new technologies, advancing science, the emergence of new players and the rise of e-commerce are creating a highly complex environment.

Meet the 20 GFSI board members

The new board composition reflects the evolving industry challenges and the board has renewed its commitment to reduce food safety risks, to manage cost in the supply chain, to develop competencies and capacity building and to facilitate knowledge exchange and networking objectives. The mission of the newly appointed chairman of the GFSI board and Vice President of Corporate Food Safety at Cargill Inc., USA, Mike Robach is to ensure these objectives are met during his mandate. He will keep GFSI’s mission to provide continuous improvement in food safety management systems to ensure confidence in the delivery of safe food to consumers worldwide.

The GFSI Board is made up of members drawn from major retailer, manufacturer and food service operators and primary producers. Mike Robach has many highly experienced food safety experts by his side, including new Vice-Chairs Anita Scholte op Reimer, Senior Director Quality Assurance and Product Sustainability, Albert Heijn, The Netherlands and Gillian Kelleher, Vice President of Food Safety and Quality Assurance, WEGMANS.  For more information on the complete list of board members visit: http://www.mygfsi.com/about-us/gfsi-board.html

The Board provides the mandate to the Technical Working Groups and GFSI Local Groups. Board composition and activities are organised according to established rules of procedure. As part of the board’s commitment to transparency, these are published and can be viewed in the GFSI Governance Model and Rules of Procedure.

The GFSI ecosystem

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) leads the product safety work of The Consumer Goods Forum, a non-profit organisation bringing together consumer goods manufacturers and retailers in pursuit of business practices for efficiency and positive change. GFSI is comprised of four main groups that provide the strategic direction of the programme and the knowledge to make it happen: the GFSI Board, the GFSI Technical Working Groups, the GFSI Local Groups and GFSI stakeholders.


The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is an industry-driven initiative providing thought leadership and guidance on food safety management systems necessary for safety along the supply chain. This work is accomplished through collaboration between the world's leading food safety experts from retail, manufacturing and food service companies, as well as international organisations, governments, academia and service providers to the global food industry. They meet together at technical working group and stakeholder meetings, conferences and regional events to share knowledge and promote a harmonised approach to managing food safety across the industry. GFSI is facilitated by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), a global, parity-based industry network, driven by its members. www.mygfsi.com


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