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GFSI is seeking food safety professionals and animal/ farmed seafood husbandry experts to participate in a new Technical Working Group (TWG) on animal/ farmed seafood handling and its impact on food safety.

Terrestrial animals and farmed seafood husbandry is the topic of much scrutiny worldwide and the subject of widely recognised and applied standards and codes.

There is more recent recognition that animal and farmed seafood handling during their lives and up to the slaughter can have a significant impact on food safety.

How Can GFSI Help?

Thanks to its wide multi-sector community, GFSI is uniquely positioned to bring key stakeholders together to collectively address this growing issue.

Thanks to its recognition process, GFSI drives harmonisation of certification programmes on key topics impacting food safety.

“Prevention of food safety issues starts with farm animals to ensure the lowest possible risks of microbiological and chemical contamination and cross-contamination down the supply chain” Jean-François Legrand, Global Food Safety Lead, BRF.

"Standardized animal and farmed seafood husbandry GMP's/GAP's along with standardized ethical animal treatment practices by species can greatly affect food safety & quality"Craig Wilson, Vice President Quality Assurance and Food Safety, Costco Wholesale.

The Group's Mandate

  • Produce a review of existing internationally-recognised guidelines and codes about terrestrial animals and farmed seafood handling and food safety.
  • Provide recommendations for additions and modifications to the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements so that the topic is considered in GFSI-recognised standards and addressed during audits of farms and slaughtering facilities.
  • Length of mandate: 18 months
  • Frequency of meetings and commitments: Two face-to-face meetings each year. Conference calls will also take place between meetings. All meetings are held in English.

How to Apply to Join this Working Group?

Positions Available:
A maximum of 18 members will be chosen spread between Retailers, Producers, Accreditation Bodies/Certification Bodies, Service Providers, Academics, Regulators.

Selection Criteria:
Successful candidates will demonstrate experience in the following areas. Please make sure your application includes details that demonstrate your competences and experiences relevant to the following list:

  • Food safety management in the meat and/ or seafood sector
  • Food safety risk assessment in the meat and/ or seafood sector
  • Animal and/ or farmed seafood handling (husbandry, slaughtering, primary conversion, etc.)
  • Slaughterhouse facilities, equipment and practices in relation to food safety
  • Animal and/ or seafood health

Applicants must be employed by an organisation that agrees to sponsor their participation in the TWG. All costs and expenses for participants’ participating in all activities of GFSI must be covered by the organisations that they represent. For further information on our rules and procedures, see our Governance Document.

Fill Out the Application Form

Applications close on 23 November 2018. Only candidates who have been selected will be contacted. Invitations will be sent out by the week of 14th January 2019. To apply, please fill out this application form.


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