El objetivo de la página web de la Iniciativa Mundial en Seguridad Alimentaria es brindarle todo tipo de información que pueda precisar sobre el programa. En esta sección encontrará una selección de documentos técnicos, incluida la versión actual del Documento Guía de GFSI en cinco idiomas.

Conjunto de herramientas del programa de Mercados Globales de GFSI - Fabricación

The GFSI Global Markets Programme sets out how small and less developed food companies (SMEs) can meet the challenge of food safety, while simultaneously reducing hazards in global food supply chains and working towards market access through certification to one of the 10 GFSI-recognised schemes. It provides an unaccredited entry point for SMEs with its step-by-step programme designed to build capacity within production and manufacturing operations, and implement a course of continuous improvement.

The Programme has so far been developed to cover the scopes of manufacturing (operation of primary products and manufacturing of processed foods) and primary production (farming of plants, grains and pulses). The Manufacturing Toolkit has recently undergone a thorough revision and the new toolkit is now available. Access the Global Markets Toolkits.

Requerimientos de evaluación comparativa de GFSI | Documento guía

A multi-stakeholder document that defines what ‘excellent food safety management’ looks like, this is the pivotal document underpinning GFSI’s benchmarking process that harmonises the requirements of food safety certification programmes via an objective process before granting recognition.

Learn more about the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements (Guidance Document version 7).

Documento expositivo de postura frente al fraude alimentario

The Global Food Safety Initiative is proud to release a paper on the position of the GFSI on Food Fraud mitigation.

Commenting on the release of the position paper, Cenk Gurol, GFSI Board Chair and Vice President, Food Safety Initiative, Aeon Co. Ltd said: “Food fraud must be regarded as being a significant risk to human health, hence the involvement of the GFSI to facilitate with other industry bodies an agreed approach to mitigate this risk. GFSI regards the issue of food fraud as increasingly important and therefore has taken the initial steps to include criteria for its mitigation within the future requirements for GFSI recognized schemes”.

Read the Press Release

Access the Position Paper

Documento de acreditación IAF y ILAC

This comprehensive document prepared by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) explains more about Accreditation.

Documentación técnica - Mejorar la inocuidad alimentaria mediante la certificación de terceros

This document was developed as part of the work plan of the Global Regulatory Affairs Working Group, whose objective is to develop strategic food safety positions and educational materials in support of GFSI while providing review and assessment of key food safety-related regulatory issues which impact the use of third party certification.