Rosalind and Diane sat down at #GFSiTV, during last week's Global Food Safety Conference, to talk to us about their experience leading a GFSI Technical Working Group. They discussed how they initially became involved, what made the working group successful and what challenges they faced - and overcame!

This year's edition of the Global Food Safety Conference brought together 1200 dedicated individuals from 56 countries to advance food safety on a global level. And after the closing plenary on Thursday, 150 experts weren't going home yet! GFSI’s Technical Working Groups and Local Groups met for one and a half days to move forward on specific technical mandates and implement GFSI global strategy on a local level.

Rosalind Zils, Director External Supply Chain Quality, Land O Lakes, and Diane Taillard, Director, Consumer Safety and Traceability, GS1 Global Office, jointly chaired the GFSI Technical Working Group on Regional Outreach and have agreed to share this success story with the broader food safety community. Rosalind, Diane - over to you! 

Watch the interview on GFSiTV.

All of us here at GFSI would like to thank Rosalind and Diane for their continued commitment and contributions to GFSI and the advancement of our vision of safe food for consumers everywhere. Stay tuned for more GFSI News at www.mygfsi.com.