Leaders from major retail, manufacturing, primary production and food service operations who make up the GFSI Board of Directors gathered in Cape Town for two full days of board meetings this week.

The second of the three such commitments in 2016, this GFSI Board Meeting took place on the sidelines of a gathering of the world’s consumer goods industry leaders at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit taking place in South Africa this week.


These individuals and the companies they represent dedicate time and resources on a voluntary basis to drive food safety advances for the benefit of the consumer via the Global Food Safety Initiative. They share a common understanding that food safety is a non-competitive issue and an agreement that everyone has a right to safe food. 

GFSI Board members span the entire food industry, representing regional and multi-national operations, and come together with GFSI to achieve collaboratively what no one company could do alone. 


New technologies, advancing science, the emergence of new players and the rise of e-commerce are creating a highly complex environment for food operators. GFSI has relentlessly focused on following this evolving food industry landscape and meeting new challenges. In fact, GFSI recently welcomed some valuable new additions to its Board of Directors to reflect this, bringing in new leading actors from players such as food service, e-retail, traditional retail, primary production and manufacturing. 

The role of the Board is to provide the strategic direction for GFSI in line with key industry needs. To do so, they draw on their own experience as well as a wide stakeholder group, notably that of the annual Stakeholder Meeting alongside the Global Food Safety Conference. The Board also provides the mandates to the GFSI Technical Working Groups and GFSI Local Groups. The GFSI Board Chair recently shared the priorities set for the GFSI in the coming year and visionary tone of the most recent Board meetings. Read the blog post from Board Chair Mike Robach on GFSI Goals

Today, the Board members include Aeon, Ahold, Amazon, Auchan, Cargill, Carrefour, The Coca Cola Company, COFCO, Danone, Dole, Kroger, McDonalds, Mondelez, Nestle, Tesco, Tyson, Vanguard, Walmart and Wegmans. Meet the GFSI Board Members