The GFSI sector and sub-sector scopes for recognition are as follows;
GFSI Scope of Recognition
(Benchmarking Category Code)
Benchmarking Category NameExamples of Products / Services and method of production
AI Farming of Animals Animals (other than fish and seafood) used for meat production, egg production, milk production or honey production
Growing, keeping, trapping and hunting (slaughtering at point of hunting)
AII Farming of Fish Fish and seafood used for meat production
Growing, trapping and fishing
(slaughtering at point of capture)
BI Farming of Plants Growing or harvesting of plants (other than grains and pulses) for food
BII Farming of Grains and Pulses Growing or harvesting of grains and pulses for food
C Animal Conversion Lairage, slaughter, evisceration, bulk chilling, bulk freezing of animals
Gutting, bulk freezing of fish
Storage of game
D Pre-process handling of plant products De-shelling of nuts
Drying of grain
Grading of fruit and vegetables
Cleaning, washing, rinsing, fluming, sorting, grading, trimming, bundling, cooling, hydro-cooling, waxing, drenching, packing, re-packing, staging, storing, loading and / or any other handling activity that does not significantly transform the product from its original harvested form.
E I Processing of animal perishable products Production of animal products including fish and seafood
Meat, eggs, dairy and fish products
Deboning, cutting, washing, trimming, grading, pasteurisation, cooking, curing, fermentation, smoking, chilling, freezing, packed in modified atmosphere, packed in vacuum packing
E II Processing of plant perishable products Production of plant products (including grains, nuts, and pulses)
Washing, slicing, dicing, cutting, shredding, peeling, grading, pasteurisation, cooking, chilling, juicing, pressing, freezing, packed in modified atmosphere, packed in vacuum packing or any other activity that significantly transforms the product from its original whole state
E III Processing of perishable animal and plant products (mixed products) Production of animal and plant products
Mixing, cooking, chilling, freezing, packed in modified atmosphere, packed in vacuum packing
E IV Processing of ambient stable products Production of food products from any source that are stored and sold at ambient temperature
Aseptic filling, baking, bottling, brewing, canning, cooking, distilling, drying, extrusion, fermentation, freeze drying, pressing, frying, hot filling, irradiating, milling, mixing and blending, packed in modified atmosphere, packed in vacuum packing, pasteurising, pickling, roasting, salting and refining
F Production of feed Production of feed from a single or mixed food source
Drying, cooking, milling, mixing and blending and extrusion
G Catering Production of food products from any source for consumption outside the home
Cooking, mixing and blending, preparation of component products
H Retail / Wholesale Provision of finished food and feed products to a customer
Retailing and wholesaling of food and feed
I Provision of Food Safety Services Supply of services related to the safe production of food
Water Supply
Pest Control
Cleaning Services
Test Laboratories
J Provision of Storage and Distribution Services Storage facilities for food and feed
Distribution vehicles for food and feed
K Manufacture of Food Processing Equipment Production of food and feed processing equipment
L Production of (Bio) Chemicals Production of food and feed additives, vitamins, minerals, bio-cultures, flavourings, enzymes and processing aids
M Production of Food Packaging Production of food and feed packaging, packaging materials, packaging components in the form of raw materials, part processed, semi converted, converted or fully finished packaging materials and products for use in the supply chain.
N Food Broker / Agent The supply of finished food and feed products