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The GFSI US - Canada Local Group has refocused to continue GFSI’s efforts in the region. The year 2017 saw the development of a new steering committee which focused on building relationships, setting structure, and writing an operating plan for 2018. This Local Group has three main goals: implement GFSI’s global priorities in North America; build engagement and awareness among companies; and build relationships with government bodies (CFIA, FDA, USDA). There are currently eight steering committee members with active recruitment occurring to engage more fully with Canadian businesses.

Who is Involved?

Current Steering Committee members:
  • Jorge Hernandez- Wendy's
  • Christine Summers- Costco
  • Rosalind Zils- 8th Avenue Foods
  • Mitch Gilgour- SYSCO
  • Cory Hedman- Meijer
  • Bob Gravani- Cornell University
  • Brent Brehmer- Hormel
  • Craig Wilson as Board Liaison- Costco
  • Scott Stillwell as Board Liaison- Tyson


Annual Report

Annual Report

Operating Plan

Operating Plan


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