The Global Food Safety Initiative is a pillar of The Consumer Goods Forum, operating on a non-profit making basis. The Global Food Safety Initiative is comprised of four main groups that provide the strategic direction of the programme and the knowledge to make it happen: the GFSI Board, the GFSI Technical Working Groups, the GFSI Local Groups and the GFSI Stakeholder Group.



GFSI Board

The GFSI Board is made up of members drawn from major retailer, manufacturer and food service operators. They provide the strategic direction and oversee the daily management of GFSI. Having considered the views of the Stakeholder Group, they provide the mandate to the Technical Working Groups and GFSI Local Groups. 

Board composition and activities are organised according to established rules of procedure. As part of our commitment to transparency, these are published and can be viewed in the GFSI Governance Model and Rules of Procedure.

GFSI Technical Working Groups

The GFSI Technical Working Groups were reconstituted from the original Technical Committee, which was formed in September 2006 and is composed of retailers, manufacturers, food service operators, standard owners, certification bodies, accreditation bodies, international organisations and other technical experts. In February 2009, the GFSI Board decided to restructure the Technical Committee into Technical Working Groups that meet physically three times a year and also continue to work together independently throughout the year.

The work of GFSI would not have moved forward in the way that it has over the years without the dedication of these experts and the support of the companies they represent. To find out more information about the Working Groups currently being convened, please go to Technical Working Groups

For more detailed explanations of the GFSI governance model, please refer to the GFSI Governance Model and Rules of Procedure available for download. 

GFSI Local Groups

To implement its global strategy at a local level, the GFSI Board decided to create regional networks - GFSI Local Groups. To support the efforts led by GFSI in different parts of the world, the Local Groups support GFSI’s objective to share knowledge and promote a harmonized approach to managing and improving food safety across geographies. To find out more about the Local Groups established to date, please go to Local Groups

GFSI Stakeholder Group

GFSI Stakeholders are any interested party that wants to engage with the Initiative. They participate in the decision-making process through a meeting that takes place every year prior the Global Food Safety Conference when they discuss the strategic priorities. Their views are considered by the GFSI Board and form the basis for the annual work programme. Further consultation with stakeholders continues throughout the year.