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GFSI Consultations

Consultations on the work carried out by the GFSI Technical Working Groups are an im portant way for those interested in the work of GFSI all over the world to provide input and comment into documents.

GFSI - Committed to Transparency

In an effort to provide continued transparency on our activities GFSI commits to involving its stakeholders in as many activies as possible, and providing comments on consultations is one way of being involved. GFSI's workplan is shaped by its stakeholders during its annual stakeholder meeting, the resulting working groups work together on a non-competitive basis to come up with solutions to industry-wide issues that can be implemented on a global scale. Have your say in these solutions by providing GFSI with your comments during our consultations.

GFSI Benchmarking Consultation (please click on the icon below)


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