This multi-stakeholder document provides guidance on food safety requirements and management. It is science-based and aligned with the CODEX internationally-recognised food safety standards. The document underpins GFSI’s benchmarking process, which promotes harmonisation by establishing equivalency between food safety management schemes.

It is of increasing interest to regulatory bodies, who recognise the value of the GFSI approach and the important role of public-private collaboration for food safety 

In the fall of 2016, GFSI will release a new edition of its landmark Guidance Document, which will be published under the new name “GFSI Benchmarking Requirements”. These documents are currently being finalised and will be available on this page. They will cover each scope of the supply chain in a modular web-based approach designed for food safety scheme owners.

GFSI is committed to providing continuous improvement in food safety management systems and carries out relevant updates every four years to meet new food industry and safety challenges. 

GFSI Guidance Document V6.4

We are working hard to finalise Version 7, which will soon be available on this page. In the meantime, please follow the above link to access version 6.4.