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The Global Food Safety Conference (GFSC) and I go way back. For years I’ve watched it evolve along with the GFSI community and it’s a great honour to see what it has become. In 2001 the conference had just 180 attendees. Last year’s conference attracted over 1200!

The exhibition area is a core part of the event, and it also continues to grow year on year. The first GFSC had just a couple of stalls dotted around, whereas last year there were more than 40! For everyone that cares about GFSI and what it promotes, this growth provides a fulfilling sense of achievement.


Not Your Typical Trade Show

What I love about the exhibition at GFSC is that it’s not just your average trade show, it’s a community that’s standing together for GFSI with a shared vision. Sponsors aren’t just there to drum up some business, they’re supporting the initiative as a whole. And the credibility of being associated with GFSI is something they’re particularly proud of.

Unlike at many other trade shows and events, attendees flood into the GFSC exhibition area between sessions to discover new products and services in their industry, mingle, network and connect with colleagues and friends old and new.


Community Spirit

There are always familiar faces at GFSC. Many Sponsors and Exhibitors are regulars and it has really become a community in its own right. But every year we also see new faces and it’s always a great feeling to welcome new companies who are sponsoring or exhibiting for the first time.

GFSC does not exist in its own bubble, but is firmly implanted in the GFSI galaxy. What's unique is that the conversations that get started at GFSC are often carried on throughout the year thanks to GFSI and its tight-knit community. Bright ideas and new food safety solutions often begin by the coming together of Sponsors and attendees at GFSC!

As well as creating global awareness for GFSI and the issues of food safety, the GFSC is an amazing opportunity for exposure. This visibility and association with GFSI has the potential to bring a lot of attention and credibility to businesses of all sizes. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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Support Us in More Ways Than One

GFSC is attended by food industry leaders from around the world. By supporting GFSI at the conference, Sponsors have the opportunity to show off their brand to peers in the industry which has the potential to open doors for development. We provide a range of sponsorship packages so brands can choose what’s most suitable to them.

Because it's global, the conference travels to new places every year, meaning a unique experience at every event. It’s always inspired by the local and regional context, while keeping its global "big picture" approach. I’m thrilled to see that play out in Tokyo for the 2018 edition and I can’t wait to see the GFSI community there.

Throughout the year, there are a number of additional opportunities such as focus days, board meetings and technical working group meetings.

If you’d like to support GFSI and sponsor one of our events, please get in touch. We’d be thrilled to welcome you into the GFSI community. 

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 This post was written and contributed by:

Marie-Ange Amenabar
Senior Sponsorship Sales & Marketing Manager
The Consumer Goods Forum

Direct line: +33 9 75 75 11 98
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