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For the eighth consecutive year, the GFSI Focus Day Japan has gathered hundreds of stakeholders from the food industry under one roof to take the pulse of the local food safety space and set the way forward. As they recently announced, the GFSI Japan Local Group are working toward an ambitious interim goal of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in their pioneering efforts for the global harmonisation of Japan’s domestic food industries. 

GFSI Focus Days are where global food safety strategy and local expertise meet for the benefit of consumers everywhere. This is echoed in the theme of this year’s Focus Day Japan: Local Implementation and Global Harmonisation. In addition to sharing knowledge and the latest developments in food safety, delegates use this opportunity to develop their local and global networks and learn how to leverage GFSI for business results.

One of the main trends we are seeing in the industry is an overwhelming consensus that the entire industry must collaboratively invest in capability building for food operations with less-developed food safety systems. More and more companies and even governments are seeing the solution to this need in GFSI's Global Markets Programme. This 8th edition of the Focus Day Japan focused to some degree on capability building.

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The Focus Day was also the occasion for the official launch of the GFSI website – in Japanese. To support the Local Groups’ mission of raising awareness across geographies, GFSI has decided to make its official website available in several languages and has been collaborating intensely with the Local Groups to make this a reality. The Japanese site is now LIVE and is the first to be launched. Before the end of this year, contents about GFSI should be readily available in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and English on www.mygfsi.com.

This achievement ties in perfectly with GFSI’s overarching goal of regional expansion and global harmonisation. The increase in material available in local languages is just one more step in the ongoing and growing momentum of GFSI’s Local Groups, and key to supporting the localisation and implementation of the GFSI approach around the world. Ultimately, it’s about contributing to the global GFSI vision of safe food for consumers everywhere.

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