The Global Food Safety Initiative website aims to provide you with any information that you may need about our programme. In this section you will find:

General Presentation

Whether you’re looking to learn more about the GFSI or presenting the Initiative to those around you, this slideshow presentation will help you. It covers what the GFSI is, how it works and how it benefits various stakeholders working within the GFSI framework. Please note that an update is coming very soon!



Here we’ve answered your most frequently asked questions. Feel free to consult this interactively on our Frequently Asked Questions page or download the PDF here.


Consumer Goods Forum Brochure

As you may know, GFSI is an initiative of the Consumer Goods Forum, which serves the industry through its activities organized in four strategic pillars. Find out more about the CGF in this corporate brochure.


GFSI One-pagers

GFSI One-pager
In a hurry? Get a quick overview of GFSI in this one-pager, covering the Initiative’s objectives and how it works for the continuous improvement of food safety. Please note that an update is coming soon!


Global Markets Programme
This one-pager will get you started on your understanding of the Global Markets Programme, how it works, and how it can help you.


GFSI Infographic

GFSI is a robust and complex programme, so saying it visually with an infographic can simplify things!


Global Food Safety Conference Executive Summaries




Global Food Safety Conference 2014

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF) hosted our largest Global Food Safety Conference so far and welcomed over 1,100 delegates from 53 countries to Anaheim, California, USA on 26-28 February 2014. Our annual event, now in its 13th year and returning to the USA after Barcelona last year, has established itself as the leading business driven food safety event of the year.






11th Global Food Safety Conference

Over 940 food safety experts and decision makers from the food industry gathered in Orlando, USA for the 11th Global Food Safety Conference representing 50 different countries. The theme of the conference was Advancing Global Food Safety through collaboration.


10th Global Food Safety Conference
The Consumer Goods Forum and GFSI welcomed 745 delegates from 60 countries worldwide to the Global Food Safety Conference in London. The theme of the conference was Creating a Global Food Safety Culture. The event saw significant growth in the representation of policy makers from public authorities and academia from around the world.


9th Global Food Safety Conference
675 delegates from 39 countries attended the first North American edition of the Global Food Safety Conference that took place in Washington D.C. The theme of the conference was Connecting the Pieces – a Global Food Safety Framework for the 21st Century.


GFSI Governance Model and Rules of Procedure


GFSI Governance Model and Rules of Procedure
As part of our commitment to transparency, we are publishing the rules of procedure by which the GFSI community abides, including the GFSI Board, Stakeholders, Technical Working Groups, Local Groups and Benchmarking Committee.