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Issue of Final Report - Extension of Scope or Re-Benchmarking

Following stakeholder consultation the Benchmark Committee shall review comments received and the GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader shall draft a final report, which will include a recommendation of recognition or non-recognition.

The decision of the GFSI Benchmark Committee to recommend the recognition or non-recognition of a scheme shall be based on consensus. If consensus cannot be reached, then a vote shall be held to determine the recommendation for the recognition or non-recognition of the applicant scheme. In the event that a vote is necessary a two thirds majority shall be required in support of a recommendation for recognition.  

The GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader shall ensure that all members of the Benchmark Committee receive a copy of the report prior to sending the report to the GFSI Executive Director.

In the event that any member of the Benchmark Committee deems it necessary to recommend non-recognition and cannot agree with the majority vote, the reasons for the Benchmark Committee member’s rejection shall be included in the final report to the GFSI Board.

The GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader shall fully brief the nominated Board member about the content of the final report and provide the Board member with all relevant documentation prior to the Board meeting.

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