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The GFSI Appeals Procedure

The scheme owner has a right of appeal against any decision made by the GFSI Board, the GFSI Executive Director or any person contracted to the GFSI in relation to the benchmarking process and associated systems and procedures. The appeal shall be conducted in accordance with the GFSI Appeals Procedure (GFSI Guidance Document Part I Annex 3 –The GFSI Appeals Procedure). Only the scheme owner to which the decision relates has the right of appeal to the GFSI Board.

The scheme owner shall submit an appeal to the GFSI Executive Director within 30 days of the matter in dispute occurring. The appeal shall be submitted in writing to the GFSI Executive Director and shall clearly describe the reason and the justification for the appeal, together with substantive evidence for the investigation of the appeal.

When the appeal procedure is initiated, the status of the scheme shall be amended on the GFSI website to reflect that the scheme is subject to appeal.

Any appeal shall be heard by a Committee (the Appeals Committee), which is a body specifically assembled by the GFSI Board for the purposes of hearing an individual appeal. The GFSI Board shall ensure that such an Appeals Committee should not include any person or GFSI member of staff involved with the decision, which is being appealed. The Appeals Committee shall be assembled from members of the Advisory Council and shall consist of a minimum of three members of the Council. The GFSI shall ensure that the investigation is conducted in an impartial and professional manner and without any actual or perceived conflict of interest.

The final outcome of the investigation by the Appeals Committee shall be heard by the GFSI Board and the decision made by the Appeals Committee shall be upheld by the GFSI Board.

The decision submitted to the GFSI Board by the Appeals Committee shall be conveyed to the scheme owner raising the appeal.  The decision of the Appeals Committee shall be final and the appeal closed.
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