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Issue of Assessment Report - New Scheme

Following the direct or electronic exchange of information and comments, a report shall be drafted by the GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader to be used for stakeholder consultation. The decision to proceed to stakeholder consultation is taken by the GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader. However, before releasing the report to the GFSI Executive Director, the scheme owner shall be provided with a copy of the report and consulted to ensure that they are in agreement that the report is accurate and a true reflection of the process undertaken. The report shall not be provided to the GFSI Executive Director until agreement to release has been confirmed by the scheme owner.

If, for any reason, the report cannot be completed to the satisfaction of the GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader within agreed programme timescales, the GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader shall make the GFSI Executive Director aware of the situation and the GFSI Executive Director shall decide upon any necessary action.

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