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Continued Recognition


The objective of monitoring a scheme is to assess the continued compliance by the scheme with the GFSI Guidance Document.


Unlike an annual assessment, GFSI may, at its discretion, undertake an assessment of the activities of a recognised scheme at any time. This assessment will normally be requested in the event that there is evidence of, or substantive suspicion of, non-compliance of the scheme with the requirements of the GFSI Guidance Document or the GFSI Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding.

If it is deemed necessary by the GFSI Executive Director that an assessment of the scheme’s activities should be conducted, the scheme owner shall be informed of the intention to carry out additional assessments and a programme of review shall be agreed upon. The GFSI Executive Director shall make the scheme owner aware of the reasons for the assessment. The assessment may take the form of the requirement to provide GFSI with evidence of compliance or that of an office assessment carried out by an appointed GFSI Assessor.

The GFSI Assessor shall be appointed by the GFSI Executive Director. The appointment shall be made with due consideration to the competence of the assessor, any potential conflict of interest and the activity of the scheme in question.

In the event that the assessment establishes that there are significant concerns about the compliance of the scheme with the GFSI Guidance Document or the GFSI Agreement or Memorandum of Understanding, the nominated GFSI Assessor will make the GFSI Executive Director aware of his / her concerns. The GFSI Executive Director and Board of Directors shall take appropriate action, which may involve further verification of compliance, assurances of continued compliance and the withdrawal or suspension of recognition. The scheme owner shall have the right of appeal against the GFSI Board decision and the appeal shall be undertaken in accordance with the procedures specified in Annex 3 of this document.
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