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Application Review and Signing of Scheme Owner Agreement - New Scheme

Upon receipt of the Benchmarking Application, GFSI shall conduct a preliminary review of the application and confirm acceptance of the application. This confirmation will be provided within 2 weeks of the receipt of the scheme application, and if accepted, the scheme owner will be provided with the Scheme Owner Agreement for signature.

Confirmation of this acceptance shall be published on the GFSI website and the benchmarking process will begin.

GFSI will appoint a GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader for the scheme application and then transfer all appropriate paperwork to them so that they can begin the desk review of the scheme.

GFSI will also nominate, with the agreement of the GFSI Board of Directors, a Board member who will be assigned to the scheme application. This Board member shall be kept informed of all activities by the GFSI Benchmark Committee Leader.

In the event the scheme does not meet the requirements and is, therefore, not accepted for the benchmarking process, the scheme owner shall inform the GFSI Executive Director of their intention to resubmit the application dossier within a given timescale, or not to continue with the application.

An applicant scheme owner shall be permitted to lodge one application with the GFSI per year, but shall only be permitted to submit one re-submission within a twelve month period, if the initial application is unsuccessful.

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