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Register of Benchmark Committee Members

GFSI holds a Register of Benchmark Committee Members, who may be invited to become a member of a GFSI Benchmark Committee upon receipt of a scheme application. The Register of Benchmark Committee Members is made up of representatives from retailers, suppliers or food service companies who have knowledge and expertise in the application of GFSI recognised schemes. Participation as a GFSI Benchmark Committee Members is done on a voluntary basis, so GFSI is extremely grateful for the support of the following industry members whose expertise supports the GFSI Benchmarking Process.

The success of the GFSI is due to the primarily to the collaboration and involvement of member companies and stakeholders. With the development of the GFSI Guidance Document Sixth Edition and the extension of scope to cover the whole of the food and feed supply chain and other associated activities, GFSI will require a cohort of experts to ensure that the benchmark process is undertaken in a professional and impartial manner.

GFSI is therefore asking interested parties to put forward experts to become members of the GFSI Benchmark Committee, who will play a key role in establishing the recognition of food safety schemes by GFSI.

Benefits of being a GFSI Benchmark Committee Member

The benefits for organisations and the individuals who are invited to become members of the GFSI Benchmark Committee are;

  • direct stakeholder involvement with decision making regarding GFSI food safety scheme recognition
  • enhanced understanding of food safety systems and associated control and management systems e.g. certification and accreditation
  • the opportunity for continuous professional development of individuals
  • the opportunity for individuals to network with other experts in their specific fields of knowledge

More information on becoming a GFSI

GFSI Benchmark Committee Leaders

Vince Craig Director, Meadowbrae Technical Services Ltd
Jill Hollingsworth HC US
Steve Homer Managing Partner, Biospartners Ltd
Kevin Swoffer Director, KPS Resources Ltd

Register of Benchmark Committee Members

Vanessa Broadnax Ahold
Andrew Clappen Loblaw
Andrew Clarke Maple Leaf
Marc Cwikowski The Coca Cola Company
Nathalie Dhuyvetter Starbucks
Cloeann Durham
Coca Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated
Michael Freeman Pepsico
Gys Greef The Coca Cola Company
Gillian Kelleher Wegmans Food Market
Aldin Hilbrands Ahold
Monika Huber Kraft
Lars G Karlsson Tetrapak
Bob Kuhlman
Andrew Machon Metro AG
Jay Mayr ConAgra
Holly Mockus Sara Lee
Mark Onderak Hormel Foods Corporation
Bizhan Pourkomailian McDonalds
Joan Rosen Chiquita Brand
Nancy Schouppe The Coca Cola Company
Matt Schultz Hormel Foods Corporation
Andrew Sheard Campbells
Michele Shewmaker Wal- Mart
Karen Smedley The Coca Cola Company
Hans Van den Heuvel Nutreco
Yuhang Wang Cofco
Tim White Berry Plastics
Elizabeth Wilkes Asia Pulp and Paper
Petro Zapata YUM! Brands
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