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PrimusGFS Benchmarking Application


DATE OF RECOGNITION: 20 February 2014

Benchmark Committee

Benchmark Committee Leader

Jill Hollingsworth - HC US

Benchmark Committee Members

Gillian Kelleher - VP of Food Safety and QA, WEGMANS FOOD MARKET

Gys Greeff - Supplier Quality Manager, Global Quality & Product Integrity, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY (Temporary replacement for Nancy Schouppe - Food Safety Manager, THE COCA-COLA COMPANY)

Scopes Covered In Benchmark Application

Scope Covered in Application
red Scope Not Covered in Application

Scope Not Currently Covered in GFSI Guidance Document

Benchmarking Category Code Scopes of Recognition Application status
AI Farming of Animals
AII AII Farming of Fish
BI Farming of Plants
Farming of Grains and Pulses
C Animal Conversion
D Pre Processing Handling of Plant Products
EI Processing of Animal Perishable Products
EII Processing of Plant Perishable Products
EIII Processing of Animal and Plant Perishable Products (Mixed Products)
Processing of Ambient Stable Products
Production of Feed


Retail / Wholesale

Provision of Food Safety Services

Provision of Storage and Distribution Services
K Manufacture of Food Processing Equipement
L Production of (Bio) Chemicals
M Production of  Food Packaging
N Food Broker / Agent

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