In addition to the annual events put on by the GFSI, the Initiative is also represented at conferences around the world on a regular basis.


GFSI at IAFP's European Symposium on Food Safety
March, 2017
Brussels, Belgium

We're happy to be back again this year at IAFP's European Symposium on Food Safety. It's always a pleasure to meet and exchange ideas with the delegates from across Europe working in industry, government and academia. If you are attending the event, please be sure to stop by and say hello at Booth #7 in the Exhibition Hall!





Transparency and Integrity | GFSI at Food Future Event 2017
March, 2017
The Netherlands

Anita Scholte op Reimer, Vice Chair of the GFSI Board and Head of Quality Assurance at Ahold Delhaize is a Keynote speaker at the VTM Food Future Event 2017. She will speak to the GFSI vision of safe food for consumers everywhere and reveal the latest efforts to advance this mission, including the recent release GFSI Benchmarking Requirements V7 as well as groundbreaking discussions with various stakeholders, such as the 1,200 industry and government representatives convened at last month's Global Food Safety Conference.




GFSI at U.S. FDA Public Hearing: Strategic Partnerships to enhance the Safety of Imported Food  
February 14-15, 2016
College Park, MD, USA

GFSI is delighted to be participating in the upcoming U.S. FDA public hearings. Karil Kochenderfer, GFSI representative for North America, will be sharing insights into the opportunities for government to leverage the unique role that GFSI has been playing in the global supply chain for the last 16 years. From industry giants to small producers in emerging countries, GFSI has been leading food safety advancement in a global collaboration with the food ecosystem. She will report on the groundbreaking public-private collaborations that GFSI is currently spearheading, most notably, the discussions between government and industry set to take place just ahead of GFSI's 2017 Global Food Safety Conference.

Suggested reading: What Does It Mean to be GFSI Certified in a FSMA Environment?




GFSI Briefings in Washington D.C.
November, 2016
Washington D.C., USA

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is hosting over one hundred and fifty industry and government leaders at dedicated briefings in Washington D.C. As new laws are being implemented within the U.S. FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the public and private sector has convened to discuss how GFSI can be leveraged by both governments and industry for FSMA implementation, international business and above all, public health. Read more.



GFSI on SIAL TV 2016 
October, 2016
Paris, France

SIAL 2016 is about revisiting the food sector of today and inventing that of tomorrow. In order to continually earn consumers’ trust and confidence that the food they buy is safe to eat, the food industry’s heavyweights have created a place to collaborate on food safety as a shared responsibility. That place is the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). In Véronique Discours-Buhot's talk on SIAL TV, she will touch on a few ways that GFSI does that, including capability building, benchmarking requirements and driving harmonisation across a global supply chain. See the talk on SIAL TV.



[Webinar] Understanding GFSI and its Alignment with FSMA
October 13, 2016

GFSI North American representative Karil Kochenderfer will be discussing GFSI and the role of private certification at a time when many food companies are looking to comply with FSMA. This webinar is organised by the National Confectioners Association (NCA).





GFSI Presented in Switzerland 
October, 2016
Zurich, Switzerland

When Anita Scholte op Reimer, Vice-Chair of the GFSI Board of Directors presented GFSI at the Insuring Food Safety event at the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue this past week, a visual artist created a cartoon rendition of the Global Food Safety Initiative! She spoke on "Global Food Safety: The Role of the Food Industry." Catch her comments in this video interview.




GFSI Heads to the Americas Food and Beverage Show
September, 2016
Miami, Florida

GFSI is picking up speed on the North American continent, with an ever-growing involvement in high-level food industry discussions. GFSI's North American representative Karil Kochenderfer will be speaking at the 20th Americas Food and Beverage Show, sharing insights into market access and FSMA compliance for food service operations against the current backdrop of fast-moving regulatory changes. 



GFSI Dialoguing with Mexican SENASICA 
August, 2016
Mexico City, Mexico

GFSI and key stakeholders are delighted to be engaging a dialogue with SENASICA, the Mexican National Service for Agro-Alimentary Public Health, Safety and Quality in the interest of food safety across Mexico and around the world. 



GFSI Onsite at IAFP 2016
July, 2016
St. Louis, Missouri 

GFSI is pleased to be present once again at the IAFP annual meeting. Mike Robach, Chair of the GFSI Board of Directors will be speaking on the topic of third party certification, audits and standards during a panel discussion focused on FDA Food Safety Modernization Act Implementation. Several GFSI representatives are onsite attending meetings and hosting a stand, including Anne Gerardi, GFSI Manager, Karil Kochenderfer, North American GFSI representative and Flavia Ballve, Events Marketing Senior Manager at The Consumer Goods Forum. 



GFSI Board Gathers for Two Full Days of Meetings in Cape Town
June, 2016
Cape Town, South Africa

Leaders from major retail, manufacturing and food service operations who make up the GFSI Board of Directors gathered in Cape Town for two full days of board meetings this week. The second of the three such commitments in 2016, this GFSI Board Meeting took place on the sidelines of a gathering of the world’s consumer goods industry leaders at the Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit taking place in South Africa this week.




GFSI Talking to FDA in June from Costa Mesa and Rutherford to Detroit
June, 2016
Costa Mesa, Rutherford and Detroit, USA

It is very important for GFSI to engage with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA). We are pleased to have GFSI's North American representative present at various FDA meeting in the United States in June. Karil Kochenderfer talks about some of these meetings in this GFSI blog post, and encourages food industry stakeholders to take the opportunity to reach out to her.



GFSI Staff in Athens for IAFP European Symposium on Food Safety
May, 2016
Athens, Greece

If you are attending the IAFP European Symposium on Food Safety, stop by the GFSI stand to chat with us!




GFSI Director Speaks at G7 Declaration Follow-Up Meeting 
April, 2016
Berlin, Germany

Véronique Discours-Buhot, Director of GFSI at The Consumer Goods Forum, will speak at the opening panel of this event designed to look at what's next for the G7 Declaration "Action for Fair Production." Going beyond her work on food safety with GFSI, Véronique will lead with her expertise in supply chain sustainability at this meeting which aims to help create concrete solutions for improved working and environmental conditions throughout global supply chains.




GFSI at OMAFRA Lunch & Learn
March 2016
Guelph and Toronto, Canada

The Global Food Safety Initiative is delighted to be advancing a growing public-private dialogue around food safety. Our North American representative Karil Kochenderfer will be presenting at two dedicated sessions at the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs this month, in both Toronto and Guelph, the center of the Ontario food industry. She will speak to the challenges faced in certification and implementation of food safety management schemes, the current landscape of food facilities certified to a GFSI-recognised scheme and share her vision for the future of GFSI in Canada. To learn more, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




GFSI at the GS1 Global Forum
February, 2016
Brussels, Belgium

GFSI and The Consumer Goods Forum are pleased to be present at the GS1 Global Forum once again this year. Véronique Discours-Buhot, GFSI Director, will be participating in a food safety panel, while members of the CGF and GFSI teams will be on site to participate in discussions and answer questions about upcoming engagement opportunities.




GFSI Director to speak at UNECE Symposium on Meat 
September, 2015
Geneva, Switzerland

GFSI Director Véronique Discours-Buhot has been invited to speak at the UNECE Symposium on Meat held on 28 September 2015 as part of the 24th session of the UNECE Specialized Section on Standardization of Meat. The symposium will focus on the use of use of food safety verification programmes by the private sector. In particular, it will examine the interaction between these programmes and available public sector and international standards. Véronique will provide an overview of GFSI's work in relation to food safety, focusing on its expertise in benchmarking food safety management systems. 



GFSI at the UNIDO & CFDA Vienna Food Safety Forum
September, 2015
Vienna, Austria

GFSI has been invited to attend the Vienna Food Safety Forum, hosted by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

Building on the long-standing collaboration between GFSI and UNIDO since 2009, GFSI Chairman Cenk Gürol, Vice President, Food Safety and CEO E-Commerce, AEON Group is honored to give the opening statement at the Forum's Opening Session, joining Mr. LI Yong, Director General, UNIDO, Ms. Sabine Oberhauser, Minister of Health of Austria, H.E. BI Jingquan, Minister, CFDA and H.E. CHENG Jingye, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of P. R. China to the United Nations. Alongside speakers from the World Bank, FAO, FIA and WHO, Cenk will also participate in the Programme, joining the panel "Industry Engagement in Food Safety Capacity Building."

During the event, a GFSI Board delegation will meet with Mr. Li Yong Director General, UNIDO and H.E. BI Jingquan, Minister, CFDA. This marks an important step for the relationship of GFSI with IGOs and national governments.



GFSI at Food Safety Asia Conference 
September 2015

GFSI Board Member Petra Wissenburg, Food Safety External Affairs & Strategic Projects Director at Danone, will present the Global Food Safety Initiative at the Food Safety Asia Conference in Singapore. In addition to explaining the work of GFSI in global food safety, she will provide insights on preventing food fraud, focusing on mitigation as an integral part of a food safety management system. This inaugural event aims to help the national food industry cope with fast-changing trends and addresses specific business challenges related to food safety. See her GFSI GFSI Presentation.




GFSI at IAFP 2015
July 2015
Portland, Oregon

GFSI is pleased to be present once again at the annual meeting of the International Association for Food Protection. The meeting is attended by over 2,800 food safety professionals and provides information on current and emerging food safety issues. Stop by the GFSI stand to meet with GFSI Manager Anne Hartwick and North American representative Karil Kochenderfer.



A Day with GFSI | Industry and Government Representatives in Taiwan
July 2015
Taipei, Taiwan

Bill McBride, chair of the GFSI auditor competence scheme committee and managing director, Foodlink Management Services, presented GFSI to industry and government representatives in Taipei in July. Sponsored by the Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI), the event gathered approximately 100 high-level attendees and covered the work of GFSI with very positive response.



GFSI Represented at Seventh SGS Food Forum in Moscow
July 2015
Moscow, Russia

GFSI Board Member and Vice President METRO Group John Carter was a keynote speaker at the Seventh SGS Food Forum's "Pragmatic approach to quality and safety." Delegates' feedback showed the GFSI topic as important to the programme and highlighted the wish to see it again at next year's Forum. The Food Forum gathered around 200 food professionals and focused on quality and sustainability in the food industry. Read the post-event sum up



GFSI Director Véronique Discours-Buhot Talks Food Safety and Risk at the Women's Forum Italy
June 2015
Milan, Italy

GFSI's Véronique Discours-Buhot moderated the session addressing "Food Safety and Risk: How to restore consumers' trust?". During the 2015 Universal Exhibition in Milan Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, the Women's Forum Italy 2015 kicked off the a conference series dedicated to the theme Nurturing a Sustainable Future. #WFIT #expo2015 



GFSI Promoted at The Consumer Goods Forum Global Summit in New York
June 2015
New York, USA

The CGF Live space was an opportune setting to discuss food safety and the work of GFSI at the annual Global Summit of the CGF. The event, in its 59th year, gathered over 1,000 C-suite executives to discuss Consumer Trust as a Foundation for Growth. Véronique Discours-Buhot and Anne Hartwick were on-site to meet with delegates and promote the GFSI mission.



GFSI Food Safety Panel at SIAL CHINA, Retail & Hospitality Forum
May 2015
Shanghai, China

Panel Title: Food Safety: Achieving the Global Food Vision
This panel gave participants more information about the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) run by The Consumer Goods Forum, its latest achievements and local implementation. Industry experts from COFCO, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Cargill, Aeon, Metro, Nestlé, Tyson Foods and others shared their knowledge and insights with the participants.



GFSI at IAFP European Symposium
April 2015
Cardiff, Wales

Great food safety discussions with delegates at the IAFP European Symposium! We look forward to IAFP 2015 in Portland, Oregon.



GFSI at WTO & Standards and Trade Development Facility Working Group
March 2015

Hugo Byrnes, Vice President Product Integrity, Royal Ahold and long-term collaborator of the Global Food Safety Initiative, recently participated at a working group organised by the Standards and Trade Development Facility Working Group and the World Trade Organisation. He presented the work of GFSI and spoke in the importance of collaboration across the board, including public-private partnership, to achieve the GFSI vision of Safe food for consumers everywhere.

Access the presentation



GFSI at the GS1 Global Forum
February 2015
Brussels, Belgium

GFSI Director, Véronique Discours-Buhot speaks at the GS1 Global Forum, presenting the work of the Global Food Safety Initiative and its vision of safe food for consumers everywhere.




GFSI represented in Dubai
November 2014

The GFSI team attended the Dubai International Food Safety Conference in November for the first time ever. The team was very interested to meet local stakeholders and understand food safety issues specific to the UAE. Presentations were made on GFSI and the Global Markets Programme at the conference that attracted over 1000 attendees.

The GFSI team held a stand that offered the possibility of making connections and explaining the details of the GFSI approach and its rich array of activities. The team looks forward to participating in the conference again next year.



GFSI represented in China
November 2014

The CIFSQ (China International Food Safety & Quality Conference) held its 14th annual conference in Shanghai in November. As global partners, GFSI was well represented throughout, notably during the Panel Discussion: Anticipate, Understand and Mitigate Food Safety Risks - The Food Industry's Response. Read more.


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