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Food Safety Regional Events - GFSI Focus Days

GFSI Focus Days aim at raising awareness around GFSI on a global scale and specifically in regions that are less familiar with the work of the Initiative. The one-day regional events are instrumental in GFSI’s efforts to build confidence and implementation of third party certification throughout the supply chain. These are opportunities to create or expand the food safety network in those targeted regions and to learn about current food safety trends with fellow food safety experts. On these occasions, food safety leaders from global companies share their experiences of managing food safety in their organizations. Delegates learn more about GFSI and the added value and benefits of adopting the GFSI approach.

Upcoming GFSI Focus Days


GFSI Focus Day China

27th & 28th August, 2014

Beijing, China


GFSI Focus Day Mexico (event website will be available shortly)

9th September, 2014

Mexico City, Mexico


Food Safety Day Japan

30th October, 2014

Tokyo, Japan

Past Regional Events

Tokyo and Shanghai welcomed the first Roadshow in April 2008. Its aim was to build awareness of GFSI and encourage the implementation of best practices through presentations from local retailers and practical case studies on successful implementation.

Ever since, GFSI has organized the annual Japan Food Safety Day in October but also other regional events the United States, China, Brazil, Chile and India. These meetings feature even more practical case studies and of course the opportunity to share best practices and to network with follow peers in the food safety industry. Watch this space for more information in the coming months.


GFSI Focus Day India

3rd June, 2014

New Delhi, India


Japan Food Safety Day

3 - 4 October 2013

Tokyo, Japan


GFSI Focus Day South Africa

11 September 2013

Johannesburg, South Africa


GFSI Focus Day China 2nd Edition

26 June 2013

Beijing, China


GFSI Focus Day

4  December 2012

New Delhi, India


Japan Food Safety Day

30 October 2012

Tokyo, Japan


GFSI Focus Day

19 July 2012

Beijing, China


GFSI Focus Day

9 May 2012

Santiago, Chile


Japan Food Safety Day 2011

11 October 2011

Tokyo, Japan


GFSI Focus Day

2 September 2011

Sao Paulo, Brazil

For further general information, please contact:

Lasma Augustova-Rabaud
The Consumer Goods Forum
Tel: +33 1 82 00 95 57
Fax: +33 1 82 00 35 96
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For China event, please contact:

Ms Yangying XU
The Consumer Goods Forum
Tel: (+33) 1 82 00 95 86
Fax: (+33) 1 82 00 95 96
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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