In its role as a unique collaborative platform for harmonisation of food safety practice on a global scale, the Global Food Safety Initiative drives technical advancement through its Technical Working Groups. The work of the GFSI would undoubtedly not have moved forward in the way that it has without the significant dedication of these experts and the support of the companies and organisations they represent.

The experts who dedicate their time and expertise to these work streams do so on a volunteer basis, both independently throughout the year, and collaboratively during the face-to-face GFSI Technical Working Group meetings. To ensure the entire industry spectrum is taken into account in a neutral way, the groups are composed of a wide variety of representatives including retail, manufacturing and food service representatives, as well as international organizations, governments, academia and service providers to the global food industry.

Since the outset, there have been 25 different Technical Working Groups and subgroups, each dedicated to work together on key food safety issues identified by stakeholders and mandated by the GFSI board. To find out more about the current work streams, please visit the dedicated pages on the GFSI website.

Most recently, the working groups convened in Stamford Connecticut in October for two days of intense collaboration. The next meeting of the GFSI TWGs is aligned with the Global Food Safety Conference in March 2015.  


The summaries are now available

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