The GFSI Technical Working Groups were reconstituted from the original Technical Committee, which was formed in September 2006 and is composed of retail, manufacturing and food service representatives, as well as international organisations, governments, academia and service providers to the global food industry. In February 2009, the GFSI Board decided to restructure the Technical Committee into Technical Working Groups that work together independently throughout the year, feeding back to the entire group at the main committee meeting.

The work of GFSI would not have moved forward in the way that it has over the years without the dedication of these experts and the support of the companies they represent. To find out more information about the working groups currently being convened, please select your working group of interest below.

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What do they do?

  • These groups provide technical expertise and advice to the GFSI Board.
  • These groups work independently throughout the year on a range of topics decided by the Board.
  • They all come together 3 times a year to share knowledge and discuss their work. Between these face-to-face meetings, their own agenda is followed with conference calls and consultations.

Who are they?

  • The GFSI Technical Working Groups are composed of technical experts from retailers, manufacturers, food service operators, service providers, standard owners, certification bodies, accreditation bodies, industry associations.

How to join a GFSI Technical Working Group?

  • For each new group that is formed, the GFSI team sends an announcement to all stakeholders in our database (sign up at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). This announcement will call for the best suited experts and specialists in the domain to participate in this Technical Working Group. Once we have received their CV and request to join a specific Working Group, this information is forwarded to the Group’s Board Liaison. Applications will be accepted or rejected depending on the current composition of the Working Group (wherever possible we try to keep a balance between sector and geographic representation).
  • Any applicants must be able to commit to attending at least 2 out of 3 physical meetings per year.