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LinkedIn and Twitter

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) continues to seek ways to communicate with stakeholders the world over, and modern communication strategies are heavily reliant on social networking as a source of connectivity. The GFSI Board recognises this and endeavors to identify communication channels to promote GFSI awareness and to further develop international platforms for networking, knowledge exchange and sharing of best food safety practices and information. Professional networking is one such means, and GFSI is pleased to share with you the presence of the Global Food Safety Initiative on LinkedIn and Twitter. Join the networks to get the latest GFSI updates and press releases on a regular basis. Get information about upcoming events and enquire about how to be involved. Make suggestions to the GFSI secretariat or ask the group owner your questions. GFSI relies on the support of its stakeholders to keep the current momentum going, and we realise that communication is key to this mission.

LinkedIn: Join the Global Food Safety Initiative Group and get regular GFSI updates all year round. Join the Global Food Safety Conference sub-group to receive live-feed from the Conference, next one to take place in Anaheim, California on 26-28 February, 2014.

Twitter: Join us on http://twitter.com/myGFSI.

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