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Business Case for GFSI

Benefits for suppliers:

  • Certificated companies are more disciplined, more efficient and more profitable.
  • Certificated companies show equivalence of process across countries and continents.
  • The GFSI recognised standards are accessible and are shared by many.
  • Certificated companies will have a legal defence in place.

Benefits for retailers:

  • The GFSI recognised standards provide effective shared risk management tools for the retailers brand protection and product integrity is improved.
  • Certification enables simpler buying.

Benefits for governments:

  • Business is promoting compliance with legislation
  • Business is self regulating and is driving continuous improvement and best practice
  • Business seeks to share its progress and understand concerns
  • Benefits for all:

Less duplication:

  • Continuous improvement in the standards and their content
  • Healthy competition between existing schemes
  • Cost efficiency in the supply chain
  • Comparable audit approach and outcomes
  • Improved consumer confidence and safer food
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